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Paola Martínez Fiterre, “La silla”, March 2020

Pen + Brush is still working. We continue to advise our underserved and under-recognized community of artists and writers on how to continue their work. We continue to create exposure and network connections within the new expanded online communities that are now more relevant than ever. Our staff is also working to create new engaging online content, videos, and interviews, and utilizing art sales platforms in new ways so that we can promote and activate revenue streams for our artists and writers who are rapidly losing their day jobs as waiters, bartenders, studio assistants, and more as the COVID-19 crisis rapidly grows throughout our New York City community.

So, to our dear friends and supporters: please continue to visit Pen + Brush online, stay tuned of our online events calendar and engage with our unique selection of emerging and diverse voices grappling with our world through their work. Here are some places you can find us and our artists and writers: Pen + Brush
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Pen + Brush has been at the forefront of the fight for recognition, validation and income equality for creative women in the visual and literary arts, who for decades had their talents and contributions ignored or diminished solely on the measure of gender. Maintaining our fight for equity and representation becomes even more challenging in our current environment.

Shining the Light on Women Visual Artists and Writers for 125 years. 
Why Would We Stop Now??

So when our current worldwide situation passes – and we believe it will (after all, Pen + Brush has survived two World Wars, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, 9/11, the crash of 2008, and numerous smaller conflagrations) – our work in support of significant yet under-recognized artists and writers will prevail!