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Michela Griffo: The Price We Pay Reviewed in the Brooklyn Rail

By Ksenia Soboleva Falling between the cracks of history is a common side effect of queer identity. Few of the queer elders that fought for LGBTQA+ rights in the 1960s have received their due recognition, and as time goes on, less and less of them are still around to receive it. Seasoned activist Michela Griffo was […]

Pen and Brush.

White Hot Magazine

Salt, (re)memory, and aftermath: an interview with Deborah Jack. The first retrospective of 20-years of Deborah Jack’s work is now on view at Pen + Brush until February 19th, 2022. To encounter Jack’s work is to sit at the shoreline of colonial histories, to face a storm surge and live to hear the melodies of […]

Pen and Brush.

Hyperalleregic Reviews

Deborah Jack Explores the Shared Histories of the Body and Landscape. A current retrospective highlights Jack’s insistence on photography’s capacity to express stories held in the environment rather than the archive.

Pen and Brush.

Between The Pen and The Brush

The Other Side of the Desk presents a focus upon professionals whose efforts support artists in their careers. The path is personally different for each individual, though the choices one makes, to pursue a degree in Art History, to take on professional positions in art galleries, work for artists, and so forth, these choices define […]

Pen and Brush.

Deborah Jack: 20 Years, a mid-career survey Pen + Brush NYC

Over the decades, her works have collectively become part of the (de)colonial memory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands we know or hear little or nothing about St. Maarten unless a hurricane like Luis (1995), Ivan (2004) or Irma and Maria (2017) passes over the island and leaves it devastated.

Pen and Brush.

sloan leo on Community Design and “A Watermelon for Leo”

Sloan Leo believes there is no design without community, and no purpose without justice. This fall, their “A Watermelon for Leo” is on view at Pen + Brush in New York.

Pen and Brush.

A Disrupted Inheritance

With the threat of statelessness looming, the artist kept true to form, and her citizenship status immediately became one of her materials, as in when she pinned images of her family to her chest with acupuncture needles, in a performance which she called “Recuérdame,” or “Remember Me,” performed at Pen + Brush.

Pen and Brush.

From the Archive: Brooklyn Rail ArTonic

With shows like this, Pen + Brush positions itself as a unique space for observing the trajectory of feminist art over time…

Pen and Brush.

Hyperallergic essay on Women’s Work

The familiar expression “women’s work” persists in our cultural lexicon, but five artists/activists present visions that reshape its definition in a massive and thoughtful exhibition.