Bodies, bodies, bodies: raffish vulnerability and profane ambivalence

Opening Reception: June 15 – 6pm

Deborah Jack: 20 Years Catalogue

This catalogue was published on the occasion of “Deborah Jack: 20 Years,” a retrospective exhibition at Pen + Brush from September 23, 2021 – February 19, 2022. Inside are essays by leading scholars and writers: Grace Aneiza Ali, Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Jessica Lanay, and Hershini Young, as well as many of the works exhibited during the exhibition.

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The Arts have the capacity to inspire, to provoke empathy, and to spark a revolution. We at Pen + Brush have always believed these truths — through more than a century of national and international conflict, and periods of deep social change. Pen + Brush is committed to redoubling our efforts to keep the arts accessible and free from actions that limit, restrict or perpetuate the lack of gender equity and diversity for artists and writers.

Pen + Brush is a 129-year-old publicly supported not-for-profit fighting for gender equity in the arts. P+B provides a platform to showcase the work of women, non-binary and female-identified transgender artists and writers to a broader audience with the ultimate goal of effecting real change within the marketplace.

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