Pen + Brush Staff

Dawn Delikat.

Dawn Delikat, Executive Director, Chief Curator

Dawn Delikat is the newly appointed Executive Director at Pen + Brush.  In her previous role as Associate Executive Director, Delikat was instrumental in working alongside her mentor, Janice Sands, to bring Pen + Brush’s historic mission to support undiscovered and up and coming women and non-binary artists and writers forward into a strategic 21st century program […]

Parker Daley Garcia.

Parker Daley Garcia, Art Director, Curator

Parker Daley is the Art Director and Co-Curator for Pen + Brush. She believes in the power of art and, at the end of the day, she believes in living a life that makes an impact, that changes some small part of the world for the better. She views New York City as a religion, […]

Bird Piccininni, Gallery Manager, Associate Curator

Bird Piccininni is a photographer and curator, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) & Tufts University and a Masters in Curatorial Practice from the School of Visual Arts. They have studied photography for the past decade through commercial, corporate, and fine art opportunities. Their photographs […]