Bird Piccininni, Gallery Manager, Associate Curator

Bird Piccininni is a photographer and curator, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) & Tufts University and a Masters in Curatorial Practice from the School of Visual Arts. They have studied photography for the past decade through commercial, corporate, and fine art opportunities. Their photographs have been exhibited at the Nave Gallery, Somerville; in Genetic Material, SMFA; Altered, William Morris Hunt Library, Boston; and Blurred, Checkpoint Cafe, Edinburgh. Bird travels extensively for her photographic series, each of which examines the facade, internal struggles, decisions, and lifestyles of her subjects. From their experiences Bird pushes their work and efforts towards equity, accessibility, and change in and outside the arts community.

Bird is currently the Gallery Manager at Pen + Brush in New York.

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