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Michela Griffo: The Price We Pay Reviewed in the Brooklyn Rail

By Ksenia Soboleva Falling between the cracks of history is a common side effect of queer identity. Few of the queer elders that fought for LGBTQA+ rights in the 1960s have received their due recognition, and as time goes on, less and less of them are still around to receive it. Seasoned activist Michela Griffo was […]

Pen and Brush.

Prism Review: Review of In The Foam of the Blue Waves

In the Foam of the Blue Waves, by Kathleen Wakefield (Pen And Brush) rev. by Lauren Lancaster In the Foam of the Blue Waves is a fiction book published by Pen And Brush in October 2015. Kathleen Wakefield captures Irma’s search for her father, Nicholas, through landscapes and sceneries in California. The author incorporates childhood memories […]