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Statement on anti-Asian and anti-black rhetoric

We must not accept the anti-Asian and anti-black rhetoric and sentiments that we saw in 2021

Pen and Brush.

Welcome Dawn Delikat as the new Executive Director

On behalf of the President of the Board of Directors of Pen and Brush, Nettie Thomas, and its members, I want to welcome Dawn Delikat as the new Executive Director of Pen and Brush.

A Word From Our Board President

Acknowledgement and Recognition of the Tenture an Retirement of Director, Janice Sands

Honoring Cicely Tyson

The Board of P+B acknowledges the passing of a Presence and Voice of the art of acting and being, Cicely Tyson. This powerful, diminutive woman, a child of immigrants from the Caribbean, enthralled kings, queens, heads of states and the wired if artists internationally with her disciplined, empathetic and sparkling interpretations on stage and screen. […]

Just a Moment from Pen + Brush In Print No. 1

Pen + Brush has been closed for 17 weeks. That’s a long time. We mourn the creative work that couldn’t be in our space: the art on the walls, the words on the page. And we miss you, our friendly, enthusiastic public. In lieu of a new issue of In Print in person, I want to share a […]

Letter to White Women from Pen + Brush In Print No. 3

One of my favorite photos from Pen + Brush’s writing events is of Celine Aenlle-Rocha reading at the launch of Pen + Brush In Print Number 3 on June 20, 2019. Celine’s pink hair matches the pink cover of the edition (you can’t see this, in the photo, but when you take a look at the issue her […]

Pen and Brush.

Our First Remote Book Launch

The broadcast is supposed to start at 7:00, and at 7:01 author Barbara Linn Probst and I are in the virtual studio of a broadcasting software program neither of us are very familiar with, trying to get her sound turned on. “Disaster!” Barbara texts me in despair. We are both nervous. A few (very long) […]

Pen and Brush.

Introducing the Pen + Brush Blog

Usually when I write to anonymous readers about Pen + Brush, it’s in the editorial note at the beginning of an issue of Pen + Brush In Print. In fact, I was expecting to be doing that now: to be writing to you – all of you, whoever you are – to introduce you to a […]