Honoring Cicely Tyson

The Board of P+B acknowledges the passing of a Presence and Voice of the art of acting and being, Cicely Tyson. This powerful, diminutive woman, a child of immigrants from the Caribbean, enthralled kings, queens, heads of states and the wired if artists internationally with her disciplined, empathetic and sparkling interpretations on stage and screen. As one of the oldest organizations focused on and advocating for women artists, we salute this great heroine. We join the world in mourning and celebrating her victories against racism, sexism, colorism, class–all as she pursued excellence. Her performances are classes in the technique of theatre. A consummate artist, an advocate for social justice; a voice and presence that will resonate in the years to come.

An African proverb says when one of such stature passes; It is as if an entire library has burned. Trees shiver when wind follows sun, but sprouts leaves when it rains.

She was/is our library, our forest sprouting leaves. We shelter in the shade of her aura. We say, well done Cicely Tyson, well done.

Now let us honor her and her years of artful service by being the best artist we can in order to make this world worthy of her memory.

Rashidah Ismaili
Vice President, Pen + Brush