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From The Boardroom to the Gallery, Women Shut Out

Nicholas D. Kristof wrote in his recent New York Times “Twitter, Women and Power”, that, on the eve of Twitter’s IPO, it has become abundantly clear that the organization’s board suffers from a huge gender imbalance. Not a single woman sits on Twitter’s board — an all too familiar trend, as Kristof points out, as women comprise […]

Pen and Brush.

Women Are in the News

Featured on page 7 of the fall season issue of Art of The Times.

Pen and Brush.

The Past and Present Reality of Inequality for Women Artists is Being Considered Around the World

The past and present reality of inequality for women artists is being considered around the world: Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology, a groundbreaking book from 1982 offering a radical critique of Art History’s sexism, was re-issued this month with a new preface that questions how much has really changed for women artists over the […]

Facebook’s New Policy Erases the Ads, Not the Hate, Critics Say

Facebook is changing its review process to protect brands from having their advertising placed next to violent, sexual, or otherwise objectionable content, but critics say that the policy does not go far enough to remove the content altogether. Starting Monday, Facebook will implement a new review policy for deciding which Pages and groups will be eligible to have advertising appear […]

Towards Gender Parity: Quality and Fairness in the Art Market

In January of this year, the Rema Hort Mann Foundation staged a lively panel discussion on the enduring disenfranchisement of women in the art market, moderated by the foundation’s director, Quang Bao. In response to Bao’s essay accompanying the podcast of the panel here at artcritical, Janice Sands offers her perspective on gender parity as […]

‘Pen and Brush’: Female Artist Nonprofit Director Janice Sands Talks Women and Art

We love few things in this world more than supporting creative women — speaking of, have you checked out our Female Artist page lately? So our hearts really skipped a beat when we first heard of the non profit organization based in New York known as Pen and Brush. For the past 119 years, Pen and Brush has […]