• Pen + Brush.

    Welcome Dawn Delikat as the new Executive Director

    On behalf of the President of the Board of Directors of Pen and Brush, Nettie Thomas, and its members, I want to welcome Dawn Delikat as the new Executive Director of Pen and Brush.



  • A Word From Our Board President

    Acknowledgement and Recognition of the Tenture an Retirement of Director, Janice Sands


  • Honoring Cicely Tyson

    The Board of P+B acknowledges the passing of a Presence and Voice of the art of acting and being, Cicely Tyson. This powerful, diminutive woman, a child of immigrants from the Caribbean, enthralled kings, queens, heads of states and the wired if artists internationally with her disciplined, empathetic and sparkling interpretations on stage and screen. […]


  • Janice Sands.

    An Announcement From Janice Sands

    Dear Friends, Colleagues and Supporters,    As we make our adjustments to 2021, which so far has certainly had its challenges, it is also time for me to communicate news of a new era at Pen and Brush. Last year was nothing less than a struggle for life—Pen and Brush’s life and mine. In late […]


  • Dawn Delikat.

    A Message from Incoming Executive Director

    I am honored to take on the role of Executive Director for Pen + Brush and look forward to building on our successful strategies of mentoring artists and writers while giving them the sustained institutional support that allows them to test and expand their vision and sharpen their professional skills. As you may already know in […]


  • sloan leo on Community Design and “A Watermelon for Leo”

    Sloan Leo believes there is no design without community, and no purpose without justice. This fall, their “A Watermelon for Leo” is on view at Pen + Brush in New York.


  • Just a Moment from Pen + Brush In Print No. 1

    Pen + Brush has been closed for 17 weeks. That’s a long time. We mourn the creative work that couldn’t be in our space: the art on the walls, the words on the page. And we miss you, our friendly, enthusiastic public. In lieu of a new issue of In Print in person, I want to share a […]


  • Response to Black Lives Matter Movement

    Pen + Brush has thought and felt much regarding the tragedy of systematic racism, brutality, and sustained violation of black Americans and the subsequent movement, protests, and events that came together over this past week.  We are overwhelmed with anger and sadness for the unjust murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade […]


  • Letter to White Women from Pen + Brush In Print No. 3

    One of my favorite photos from Pen + Brush’s writing events is of Celine Aenlle-Rocha reading at the launch of Pen + Brush In Print Number 3 on June 20, 2019. Celine’s pink hair matches the pink cover of the edition (you can’t see this, in the photo, but when you take a look at the issue her […]


  • Artist Resources

    Artist Resources, COVID-19: Grants / Funding https://artdeadline.com Freelance Artists  Resources: Regular emergency grants that are ongoing: National Crowdfunding & Collective Action Efforts The below are new funds set up specifically to relieve artists in financial crisis as a result of COVID-19. We cannot […]