Market Day

Mina Samuels

As bookworm Liza and her workaholic husband Marc wind up their annual vacation in the south of France, even the idyll of St. Tropez can’t quite cover up the fault lines in their relationship. As the couple move through the last hours of their holiday, Liza negotiates the delicate web of dependencies that compose their marriage: his reliance on Liza’s fluent French; her reliance on Marc to navigate St. Tropez; the volatility of Marc’s unpredictable moods. In “Market Day,” Samuels gently, almost tangentially, immerses the reader in Liza’s loneliness inside her marriage. The story explores a woman’s ability to manage the intricate balance of her independent self, the subtext of a couple and her natural desire to please, to resolve, to nurture.

From the Curator

A familiar story about a relationship that is so wonderfully visual, visceral, and expertly crafted. The anxiety and release, the polish and decay created here is masterful.

Christina Granados, co-creator of SoapBox Poets L.A.

About the Author

Mina Samuels (Playwright & Performer) is a full-time writer, editor and performance artist. In addition to many ghostwriting projects, her previous books include Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives; a novel titled The Queen of Cups; and The Think Big Manifesto, co-authored with Michael PortShe has written and performed two one-woman plays: Do You Know Me? and Hazards. She is also the author of “Castle Peak,” which was published by Pen and Brush in 2015.

Genra: Short Stories