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Pen + Brush is proud to announce the launch of the first literary magazine in the organization’s history, Pen + Brush In Print. After 124 years of supporting women in the literary arts, Pen + Brush In Print further expands a platform for sharing the voices of women writers.

The first issue presents short stories and poetry by women from across the country. Their voices speak of cyclical change: the turning of years, the generations who come and go in a house, a town, a life. They speak of lovers and appetite, the laws of gravity, and the unstoppable churn of waves. The one thing you can be sure of in No. 1 is that one thing will be reborn as another. And perhaps that every woman deserves not only a room but a giant squid of her own.

memories put back into time, turned to cause and effect, narrated over and over, repeating until they make sense


“Maps & Legends” by Miranda Schmidt

“Metamorphosis” by Effie Pasagiannis

“Rebirth” by Effie Pasagiannis

“Only in Pieces” by Justine McNulty

“Ode to an Egg” by Carole Stone

“Ode to Corn” by Carole Stone

“Famines” by Forrest Evans

“Syrup and More Figure than the Number Eight” by Forrest Evans

“Between Time” by Laura Rodley

“Laws of Motion” by Elisabeth Horan

“Our Town Now” by Elisabeth Horan

“Resurrection” by Lauren Amalia Redding

“Just a Moment” by Miranda Schmidt

About the Authors

Forrest Evans is a published poet and librarian. Much of her work can be read in The Lavender ReviewCarnival Literary Magazine, and The Apogee Journal. A military brat and raised in the Bible Belt, Evans has returned to the south to continue writing and fights gender inequality.

Elisabeth Horan is an imperfect creature from Vermont advocating for animals, children and those suffering alone and in pain—especially those ostracized by disability and mental illness. She has work up at Moonchild MagazineTERSE. JournalBlanket Sea, Former Cactus and Milk & Beans. Her chapbook “Pensacola Girls,” written in collaboration with Ms. Kristin Garth, is forthcoming at Bone & Ink Press. Follow her on twitter @ehoranpoet &

Ohio native Justine Aimee McNulty received her Master of Arts in Fiction in the spring of 2014 from the University of Cincinnati. Her stories have appeared in over half a dozen literary journals including Confrontation Magazine, The Masters Review: New Voices, Juked, Miracle Monocle, Pif Magazine, and others. McNulty currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband Luke and cats Marceline and Mortimer.

Effie Pasagiannis is a first-generation Greek-American lawyer, writer and curator based in New York City. Pasagiannis’s poetry has been published in Snapdragon JournalThe Write Launch, and Platform Review, and she has appeared as a featured poet at the Bowery Poetry Club, Arlo Hotels and The Assemblage. Pasagiannis is currently working on a short story collection comprised of female protagonists at a crossroads of choice with life-altering consequences. As a curator, Pasagiannis organizes literary and art salons in NYC, bringing together writers and other artists to collaborate and showcase their work in soul-nourishing spaces. Pasagiannis is an avid proponent of personal transformation, as well as an advocate for educational, criminal justice, immigration and environmental reform. She often incorporates these themes into her writing and curated events.

Lauren Amalia Redding is an artist and writer living in Queens, New York, with her husband, the sculptor Brett F. Harvey. Redding
received her Bachelors at Northwestern University and her Masters at the New York Academy of Art. In addition to curating and exhibiting her drawings, Redding has written art criticism for the Blue ReviewArt AestheticsArtists on Art, and PaintGuide. Her poetry has been published by the Pen + Brush and PoetsArtists. This autumn, she and Harvey will launch H&R Studio in Naples, Florida.

Laura Rodley, Pushcart Prize winner, is a quintuple Pushcart Prize nominee, and quintuple Best of Net nominee. Publisher Finishing Line Press nominated her Your Left Front Wheel Is Coming Loose for a PEN L.L.Winship Award and Mass Book Award. FLP also nominated her Rappelling Blue Light for a Mass Book Award. Former co-curator of the Collected Poets Series, Rodley teaches the As You Write It memoir class and has edited and published As You Write It, A Franklin County Anthology volumes I-VI, also nominated for a Mass Book Award. She was accepted at Martha’s Vineyard’s NOEPC and has been a consecutive participant in the 30 poems in November fundraiser for the Literacy Project for Center for New Americans. Her latest books are Turn Left at Normal by Big Table Publishing and Counter Point by Prolific Press.

Miranda Schmidt is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in TriQuarterly, The Collagist, Electric Literature, Phoebe, and other journals. Miranda is a fiction editor at Phantom Drift and managing editor at the Sun Star Review. She teaches writing at the Loft and Portland Community College. A graduate of the University of Washington’s MFA program and a 2017 Lambda Literary Fellow, Schmidt’s work has been a finalist for the Nilsen First Novel Prize and New Rivers Press Many Voices Project.

Distinguished Professor of English and creative writing, emerita, Montclair State University, Carole Stone’s poetry collections include LateHurtThe ShadowAmerican Rhapsody, and Traveling with the Dead. Critical essays on writers include Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sylvia Plath, and George Eliot. She received three Fellowships from The New Jersey State Council on the Arts, a fellowship to Rothermere Institute, Oxford University, UK, as well as residencies at Hawthornden Writers Retreat, Scotland and Chateau de Lavigny, Switzerland. She divides her time between Springs, East Hampton and Verona, New Jersey.

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