This is Who We Are

Pen + Brush: This Is Who We Are

Pen + Brush is pleased to present This Is Who We Are , a rolling exhibition of women artists that showcases the work Pen + Brush does year-round. As a 126-year-old publicly funded institution, Pen + Brush uses its complete arsenal of resources to further the careers of women artists and writers.

This Is Who We Are showcases, loudly and proudly, a selection of the women and non-binary artists who make up Pen + Brush. Featured here are impactful works, so ingrained in a larger cultural dialogue that to deny them recognition is to perpetuate a corrupt and incomplete canon of the history of art. It is our belief that only when work by women is judged solely on its merit and not the gender of its maker can we accurately reflect our world.

It also marks a new exhibition model, one that merges museum quality installation and treatment with the more flexible, sales-based model of an art fair. The onset of COVID-19 derailed exhibition and recognition-based opportunities for artists around the world; from shipping nightmares, exhibition cancellations, to lack of funds or access to materials, many artists’ livelihoods have come to a standstill. This Is Who We Are is Pen + Brush’s endeavor to encourage sales and boost visibility for our artists by eliminating some of the restraints that often accompany gallery exhibitions, such as timing. Works featured will rotate and change based upon opportunities artists may have and, of course, sales.

Until it’s just about the art.

Public Hours: 11am – 5pm Tuesday-Friday

Evenings + Saturdays by appointment, contact:

This is Who We Are

January 21 – April 30, 2021

Pen + Brush

29 East 22nd Street, New York, NY
Gallery Hours: 12-6pm, Tuesday – Saturday