September 21 – 23, 2023

Opening Reception and Live Performance

Thursday September, 21 at 6pm

Pen + Brush announces the opening of Christine Mace: Viewfinder and SOLO FLIGHT, a collaboration showcasing the work of artist, Christine Mace and Heidi Latsky Dance (HLD). SOLO FLIGHT is designed to expose the general public to HLD’s widely diverse sculpture courts, expanding what inclusion looks like, and will feature Holograms, the HLD app, and a selection of films.

Viewfinder highlights New York City based photographer, Christine Mace, a social documentary photographer who explores ways to capture emotionally charged yet fleeting moments. Mace photographs authentic connection between people, spaces, and (geographic) places, using her viewfinder to put forth universalisms that otherwise go unseen. 
Her work is deeply tied to her own struggles of being put in a box and feelings of being unseen. Mace peruses the world with unique perspective that ables her to capture intense, serene, and emotional instances without intrusion; the artist shares that she “observe[s] how people engage or disengage with each other to better understand who we are as a society.” Mace’s images provide her viewers the space that encourages reflection and conversations of our personal and shared lived experiences, tolerance, and functions in society.

Christine Mace

Christine L. Mace is a New York City-based artist, as a social documentary photographer, her work explores humanizing the other and capturing fleeting moments of authentic connection between people, spaces, and places. Her work is deeply tied to her struggles with being put into a box and the feelings of being unseen. In 2019, her series Dominoes in Havana was awarded First Place Winner in the Black and White Category by the jurors of the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. Mace’s photography has been exhibited across the United States and internationally. Her work has appeared on LensCulture, Dodho, and Musée Magazine’s online platforms. She has been apart of group exhibitions across the United States and internationally in Greece and Spain. Her photograph, Empathy, was chosen by curators at the International Center for Photography Museum for their #ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis exhibition, which featured 1,000 photographs from 1,000 photographers around the world documenting the Covid19 pandemic, racial inequality and social justice reform.

Heidi Latsy Dance

At the intersection of performance art and immersive technology, Heidi Latsky Dance is expanding minds and breaking preconceived notions by creating new practices that allow art to be consumed intimately by any audience member, regardless of disability. We function on the belief that prioritizing accessibility from inception elevates both disability and art, ultimately democratizing the performing arts landscape.

Event Itinerary

SEPTEMBER 21-23, 2023

Thursday, September 21st

Exhibition Open: 12-6pm

Opening Reception

and Live Performance: 6-8pm

Friday, September 22nd

Exhibition Open: 12-6pm

Live Performances: 12-2:30pm and 4-6pm

Saturday, September 23rd

Exhibition Open: 12-6pm

Live Performance: 12-2:30pM

Panel Discussion: 3pM