For Women’s History Month this year, Pen + Brush is bringing together curators, art advocates, and visionaries from our community to engage in a meaningful dialogue about what is at stake and constantly in play for women artists working today. Hit Me With Your Best Shot is a group exhibition centered around this dialogue, that women are changing the art world and, indeed, the world. Pen + Brush has tapped women curators from across the field who have selected their “best shot”, in the form of one artwork by a woman or non-binary artist. These selections are exhibited here as poignant voices speaking on the challenges and opportunities facing women artists in the current historical context. Hit Me With Your Best Shot emphasizes the importance of making and holding space for women artists while also acknowledging the profound impact women have in shaping narratives, sparking dialogues, and igniting change. 

“Dawn Delikat, Executive Director of Pen + Brush, passionately expresses, ‘By bringing our broader community of cultural visionaries together to champion and discuss significant works by women that speak to the current climate we are living in – The goal of the exhibition is to offer a holistic point of view that ignites, inspires, while reenergizing our individual efforts and emphasizes the importance of making and holding space for women artists. This collective celebration is a powerful acknowledgment of the profound impact women have in shaping our narratives, sparking conversations, and influencing positive change.'” 


Pyaari Azaadi, formerly known as Jaishri Abichandani

Grace Aneiza Ali, Curator and Scholar

Lise Curry, Collector, Arts Patron and Advocate

Dawn Delikat, Executive Director and Chief Curator at Pen + Brush

Monika Fabijanska, Contemporary Art Projects Curator,  Advisory Board Member, The Feminist Institute

Finley, Artist, Founder and Curator of Every Woman Biennial

Parker Daley Garcia, Art Director, Curator at Pen + Brush

Kathleen Landy, Founder of The Feminist Institute

Nina Mdivani, Curator & Writer

Dena Muller, Advisor for The Feminist Institute, Senior Arts Advisor, Royal Commission, Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

Claire Oliver, Claire Oliver Gallery

Bird Piccininni, Associate Curator, Gallery Manager at Pen + Brush

Sara Reisman, Chief Curator and Director of National Academician Affairs at National Academy of Design

Hall Rockefeller, Less Than Half

Muys Snijders, Founder, Managing Partner Art Business Consulting

Alice Gray Stites, Museum Director and Chief Curator of 21C Museum Hotels

Christina Strassfield, Southampton Arts Center

Hanne Tierney – Director, Five Myles

Exhibiting Artists: Pyaari Azzadi, Mildred Beltre, Nancy Baker Cahill, Jenae Christopher, Oasa DuVerney, Ash Edes, Lola Flash, Dorothy Frankel, AnnaBrooke Greene, Bang Geul Han, Rusudan Khizanishvili, Arel Lisette, Michela Martello, Felicita Felli Maynard, Dindga McCannon, Miriam Medrez, Camille Modesto, Rebecca Morgan, LaNia Roberts, Michelle Rosenberg, Nik Rye, Chayse Sampy, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Chansong Woo 

About Pen + Brush: Pen + Brush is a 130-year-old nonprofit that provides a platform to showcase the work of women and non- binary artists and writers to a broader audience with the ultimate goal of affecting real change within the marketplace. We encourage and mentor emerging professionals and aim to expose the stereotypes and misconceptions that perpetuate gender-based exclusion, lack of recognition and the devaluation of skill that is still experienced by artists who do not identify as cis men in the arts. All artwork is for sale, 75% of all sales go directly to the artist and 25% comes back in to feed the organization’s work.  

General Information: 

Pen + Brush is open to public and private groups from 12 pm to 6 pm on Tuesday- Saturday. We are located on East 22nd Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South, and our gallery is wheelchair accessible.