Bodies, Bodies, Bodies: raffish vulnerability and profane ambivalence

June 15th – August 26th

Bodies, bodies, bodies: raffish vulnerability and profane ambivalence is a group exhibition at Pen + Brush.

Artists here pull back the veil on suffering, vulnerability, and in essence, the body’s ability to symbolize otherwise unspeakable truths. Works featured range from more literal depictions of the human body to fragmented abstractions and metaphorical illusions. All marked by unconventionality and the weight of, often mixed or conflicting, emotions. Line becomes a metaphor for the human body. Absence becomes a metaphor for nostalgic memories or fearful anxieties. The body becomes a metaphor for play, or for hope, or even futurisms that have yet to come to the fore. Expressions of the mind are conveyed without regard for the body and in doing so, universalisms emerge that are inseparable from the human body. Ambivalence about the human experience and the irresolution of intricate narratives pervade while conventional hierarchies and depictions of the body are, perhaps, profanely rejected.

Full list of artists to be announced soon.

Emily Blair Quinn, Breathe, 2021
​​38″ x 30.75″