Paper Aperture and Other Poems

Gwen North Reiss Author Gwen North Reiss was drawn to poetry early on because of the way a poem does its work—in a waterfall of words where language and form work with and against eachother. The lines of her poems are always alert to the constant surprise of being alive. Two of the poems in this […]

Pen and Brush.


Vanessa Gennarelli Fractals is a collection of four poems about patterns in human behavior at a stratospheric level, poetry about how scientific concepts explain those patterns. A social scientist working at the intersection of cryptocurrency and global development, Gennarelli and her poetry respond to these patterns and to science. She writes about the technological components that […]

Pen and Brush.

Market Day

Mina Samuels As bookworm Liza and her workaholic husband Marc wind up their annual vacation in the south of France, even the idyll of St. Tropez can’t quite cover up the fault lines in their relationship. As the couple move through the last hours of their holiday, Liza negotiates the delicate web of dependencies that […]

Pen and Brush.

Castle Peak

Mina Samuels Liv’s solitary and self-sufficient life is put to the test when she injures herself on the Castle Peak trail in the Sierra mountains during an early morning run. With her phone dead and a surprise early November snow falling, Liv fights against her own nature and the elements to get down the mountain. […]

Pen and Brush.

Selected Poetry

Lauren Amalia Redding An artist and a poet, Lauren Amalia Redding turns to words to explore origins: the cultural vacillations of her life between a Midwestern father and a Cuban mother; her discovery of an emancipated self; and deeper, sometimes fearful, reflections of the most intimate relationships. Limpid and profound, Redding’s poems reveal an artist’s […]