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Get your work in front of influential people in the art world who will consider your work for exhibition at Pen and Brush.



Located in New York City’s historic Flatiron district, the Pen and Brush gallery is off the beaten track geographically and philosophically. Above all, we are committed to a selection program that is a merit-based opportunity. Curators selections will constitute P+B’s programming and curators have the option of selecting an artist's work for any type of exhibition.

Working with an impressive list of visual arts curators we offer an opportunity for women who are committed to a career as a working artist and whose work is under exposed. We commit to giving every portfolio we receive a thorough and careful viewing. To be considered for our curatorial review, work must be professional level contemporary art and reflective of the standards of the field. For further clarification please consult the following resources:

If work does not meet these standards it will be rejected.  Please read the above standards carefully and be sure your work fits the criteria, once you complete your submission and pay the application fee, it will not be refunded if your portfolio is rejected. Portfolios that do meet these standards will be accepted and the materials will be considered by curators working with us during your submission period.

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Beyond Group Shows, any curator may select artists s/he feels should have further exposure in a Feature Exhibition. Feature Exhibitions are fully curated shows giving the artist a platform offering deeper insight into the artist's body of work.

Feature Exhibitions may be either sets of “solo” shows, or a small grouping of artists based on a theme evidenced in their work (e.g. content, media) and developed by any individual curator. Feature Sets may include any number of artists (or sets of artists) whose work is unrelated in content, form, or media.

The number of works for any Feature Exhibition can range from 1-12 works, with exceptions for any individual artist depending on the medium and size of the work, and nature of the exhibit, for example: while an installation artist or sculptor working in large scale format may be asked to exhibit one work that fills an entire gallery, an artist producing two-dimensional work on small to medium canvases may be asked to exhibit 12 wall-hung works. The timing of these exhibits will not be predetermined, but will be scheduled when a curator has selections s/he feels constitute a viable exhibition. All forms of exhibitions will be on view for a period of not less than three weeks and not more than six weeks.

Visual Artists: "Need to Knows"

Open Rolling Submission / No Entry Deadlines

We are now accepting entries and our visual arts curators are considering work for exhibitions on a continual basis.

Work for Consideration

All forms of contemporary visual art media will be accepted for consideration. No size limitations. All work(s) submitted for consideration must be professionally executed and photographed and must also be available for exhibition and for sale. All work submitted must have been created within the last five years.

Submission Details

Portfolios of works by artists will be submitted for consideration in electronic form. Artists may submit a minimum of 6 works and a maximum of 12 works* for review by our rotating pool of curators for a period of 6 months (entry fee $60). Only one submission will be accepted per artist at a time. An artist statement and C.V. must be uploaded with your submission.

*Minimum number of works required may be waved for large-scale sculpture and installations.

Submitted images should be high resolution at 300dpi and in jpeg format. The quality should be high enough for curators to see fine details in the submitted work.

Video an other digital art should be optimized for web viewing when submitted for review. Arrangements to obtain higher quality versions will be made if a work is accepted for a show.

Time Period for Submissions

The 6 month submission period encompasses only the time period the portfolio is under review and does not include the time period it will take to schedule, facilitate, and mount an exhibition of work(s) if selected. When an artist’s work(s) are selected for a Group Show, her portfolio will remain under review for the full time of her selected submission period. This provides any curator with the ability to also select the artist’s work for the increased exposure through Featured Exhibition opportunities. When an artist’s work(s) are selected for a Featured Exhibition her portfolio will be removed from the review process and arrangements to schedule and facilitate the Featured Exhibition will commence. Submissions are bound to the terms of our legal agreement for 18 months from the date of entry so that work(s) under review are available for exhibitions at any time during the review period of 6 months. The 18 month term allows for the additional time needed to exhibit and promote the work(s) if selected.

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