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Pen and Brush provides a platform to showcase the work of excellent female writers to a broader audience. We publish literary fiction and poetry and accept submissions all year round!



Welcome to Pen + Brush books. With this imprint, Pen and Brush is creating a new model for mission-based publishing. We work with an impressive list of publishing professionals who act as guest readers, and we commit to reading every submission we receive. Learn more about our reading board here.  

At this time, we are an electronic publisher. Our publications are sold as ebooks or published and archived electronically on our website. The publication format of each work is determined based on the recommendation of the curators.

We created this program to ensure that we are:

  1. Publishing the best work. Because our mission is to showcase high-quality work, we select readers who have demonstrated first-class taste and market knowledge, and ask them to lend their expertise to assessing our submissions. Any reader may select work for publication and we do not have a pre-determined number of works for any list. If we think it is good, we want to work with you to publish it. Simple as that.

  2. Considering each submission fairly. As long as a work is within the scope of what we currently accept (see below), we will read it. No submission goes in the garbage because of a missing SASE or an inexperienced query letter. Any individual author has the same opportunity as the others, regardless of background, training, or previous publication experience. Works are not judged against each other when we make up our lists. If you sent it, we’ll take a look. Simple as that.

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Writers: Submission Guidelines

Open Rolling Submission / No Entry Deadlines / No Submission Fees

We are accepting entries on a continual basis and our curators read work as it arrives.

Work for Consideration

At this time we accept poetry and works of literary fiction (limited to novels, novellas, and short stories). As our publishing program evolves, we may accept additional genres.

Submission Details

We DO accept previously published work, provided that our terms and conditions do not violate the agreement governing the previous publication.

We DO NOT accept simultaneous submissions.

All work submitted must be in English.

Writers are asked to submit the following: a description of the work submitted, a C.V., and one of the below options:

  • 1 novel or 1 novella (15,000 - 110,000 words / 60 - 440 pages)
  • 2-3 short stories (500 - 7,500 words per story)

[Word/page ranges as outlined pertain to the body of the work and do not include front/back matter, i.e. title page, table of contents, credits, or acknowledgements.]

  • 2-3 long form poems / 5-6 short poems

[no ranges required for poetry; author should determine the length category according form, style, and intention]

Only one submission will be accepted per author. After the author’s review period expires, new works may be submitted for review.

Due to the structure of our review process, we ask that all work be, at the time of submission, available for publication per the terms outlined in the author participation agreement.

Time Period For Submission

When a work is submitted to us, it is kept in our systems for curator review for six months.

At the beginning of the submission process, you will be asked to agree to the terms of submitting and publishing with Pen and Brush in the event that your work is accepted and selected for publication.

Our Legal Agreement

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