Women’s Writing Circle Summer Showcase

June 16, 2018 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join us for readings of works in progress from members of the Women's Writing Circle. The WWC meets monthly at the Pen and Brush gallery space, and our goal is to provide regular deadlines and a community space for thoughtful peer feedback on in-progress writing projects. We do not specialize in a single genre or type of writing: our group is diverse and represents a range of genres, levels of experience, and backgrounds in writing. Members range from writers with nearly-finished work to writers working on first drafts, and from those holding higher degrees in writing to those who are attempting a first literary project. Today's readings will reflect this range of background and genre, giving examples of in-progress works of poetry, fantasy, literary fiction, and stage writing.

Showcase readers:

  • Lucy Avery Brooke
  • Jessica Ciosek
  • Emma Harringon
  • Beverly Hill
  • Lisbeth Redfield
  • Desiree Rucker

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