Summer Recap Installation

July 21, 2016 10:00 AM - September 7, 2016 6:00 PM

Our Summer Installation revisits works by the women artists and writers we celebrated during our first season in our new Flatiron District space. 

Our grand opening exhibition Domesticity Revisited featured four artists working with objects, ideas, and sensations relating to the domestic scene and the theme of the home. 

Our second installation this season was a Literary Takeover of our space. We hosted interactive and static presentations of words, ink, paper, books and other tangible components associated with literature and writing by women, with the goal of provoking viewers to reconsider their assumptions about the written word and how it can be experienced within a physical space.

Our Summer Recap Installation pairs experiencing the power of women’s words in a physical space with the subversive aspect of pulling beautifully, decorative, objects from the domestic space. This installation features Farrow & Ball’s handcrafted, painted wallpapers juxtaposed with provocative quotes from women authors. As Domesticity Revisited curator Rick Kinsel wrote about the context of his show: 

“The world of contemporary art has shown an interest in home-related arts, including arts of pattern and decoration, for some years now.  The relationship of [home-related arts] to traditional ideas about femininity and, alternately, to pioneering ideas of the feminist movement was first expressed by an artistic movement of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, now known as the Pattern and Decoration movement… The artists of the movement actively questioned the exclusion of color, pattern, and decoration from avant-garde art practice and, at the same time, celebrated its inherent expressiveness and beauty.  But Pattern and Decoration was a political movement as well – one which suggested, in visual terms, that the world would be a better and more beautiful place when it allowed for greater inclusiveness and celebrated diversity.”

The summer, then, provides a contemplation of our first two shows, placing them in conversation with each other for maximum impact and – as always – advocacy.

Our Summer Recap will also feature projections of work from our previous installations, including our recent group show Broad Strokes, a group show that contemplated modern art’s rich history beyond the exclusionary lens of the accepted canon.

Our thanks to Takeover partners Litographs, whose whimsical literary posters return to our gallery walls this summer. And our thanks to Farrow & Ball for their generous support. Their wallpapers on view in our installation are truly exquisite fine art materials. You can learn more about Farrow & Ball’s unique artistic methods of design, handpainting, and block printing here

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