Pen + Brush Presents…Ayala, Sundstrom, and Connett

October 4, 2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Pen and Brush Presents… is a reading series founded by Kate Angus and hosted by Pen and Brush. The series supports the work small press editors do in identifying excellent writing, as well as supporting the writing itself, by featuring exciting new work by established and emerging authors. Each month, “Pen and Brush Presents…” will feature readings by three writers, each one selected by editors at a press, journal, or organization with a strong female editorial presence.

Join us for our October reading, featuring the following writers and presses:

Marissa Anne Ayala, representing STRATA and the magazine's editor Rebecca Bowman. STRATA is a new magazine launched to explore the means by which we find and apply meaning to the world with words, sounds, and images.

Angela Sundstrom, representing Pen and Brush. For over 122 years, Pen and Brush has been dedicated to promoting the work of women in both the literary and visual arts. Pen and Brush provides a platform to showcase the work of emerging and mid-career female artists and writers to a broader audience with the ultimate goal of effecting real change within the marketplace. 

Christina Connett, representing H.O.W. Journal and founding editor Alison Weaver. H.O.W. Journal is an art & literary journal that publishes an eclectic mix of today’s prominent writers and artists alongside upcoming talents with an effort to raise money and awareness for the approximately 163 million children throughout the world that have been orphaned. The publication features works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry as well as visual arts.

Kate Angus is a founding editor of Augury Books. Her work has appeared in The AtlanticThe AwlBest New Poets 2010 and Best New Poets 2014. Her poetry collection, So Late to the Party, was published by Negative Capability Press in 2016.

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