The Art of the Burqa: An Afternoon of Art, Dialogue, Film, and Performance

March 6, 2016 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join OF NOTE Magazine's featured artists and writers from The Burqa Issue as they explore how deeply complex the burqa is in all its beauty, contradictions, and failures.  Co-hosted by Pen + Brush, OF NOTE Magazine and the Afghan Women's Writing Project.

Event is free and open to the public.  RSVP required.

Who'll be there—
Artists: Hangama Amiri, Mariam Magsi, Brishkay Ahmed (via video)
Writers: Erin Haney, Gia Harewood, Rajul Punjabi, Bureen Ruffin, Suzanne Russell
OF NOTE Magazine: Founder & Editorial Director Grace Aneiza Ali, Editor Celeste Hamilton Dennis, Christine Malvasi
Pen + Brush: Executive Director Janice Sands, Associate Executive Director Dawn Delikat
Afghan Women’s Writing Project: Communications Director Stacy Parker LeMelle

The Burqa Issue

The burqa—an aesthetically stunning style of the veil, usually blue or black, with a mesh over the eyes—has evolved into the controversial and the divisive.

While many employ the burqa as fodder for debate, the artists featured in OF NOTE magazine’s The Burqa Issue (Winter 2015|2016) use their creative voice and art practice to examine the complicated experiences of the women who actually wear the burqa—by choice or by force.

Whether it’s using masks to explore the burqa as synonymous with Internet anonymity or creating candy burqas to suggest a sweeter narrative or inscribing Quranic verses on burqa-clad sculptures, it is the goal of these multi-disciplinary global artists to trouble our perceptions.

In The Burqa Issue, women speak for women. They bring to bear roots from Afghanistan, Algeria, Canada, Guyana, India, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the US to elevate the voices of the women who wear the burqa

The Reviews

“Exquisite work. Artwork, writing — you will see, feel differently.”  — Stacy Parker Le Melle, Communications Director, Afghan Women’s Writing Project

“Thank you all for putting this issue forward despite the unfolding tragedies in the world. Many would have chickened out and chosen caution to avoid a dialogue about the burqa and Muslim women. . .But you all put it forward and are now encouraging conversation and debate.” — Brishkay Ahmed, Filmmaker

Image Credit:  Mariam Magsi (Of Note: The Burqa Issue)

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