Press Release

Upcoming Exhibition:  King Woman

| Press Release | Written by : Pen and Brush

Mashonda Tifrere Will Curate the Fall Exhibition; Artists Include Swoon, Lynnie Z., Carole Feuerman, and A.V. Rockwell

Graffiti Summer Vacation Press Release

| Press Release | Written by : Pen and Brush

TAKE A “GRAFFITI SUMMER VACATION” AT PEN + BRUSH: ENGAGE WITH FEMALE ARTISTS AND WRITERS THROUGH LIVE PAINTING, POETRY WORKSHOPS, AND GRAFFITI EVENTS. Featuring the work of Lady Pink, Josephine Barreiro, Michela Martello, Anna Walinska and More – Then Leave Your Mark: Tag a Wall or Participate in Writing & Graffiti Events Scheduled Throughout the Summer

Michela Martello, Future is Goddess

| Press Release | Written by : Pen + Brush

Pen and Brush is proud to announce our upcoming exhibition: Future is Goddess, an eight-year survey of artist Michela Martello.