Art World Advice to Young Female Artists

| Artnet News | Written by : Eileen Kinsella  |

It’s no secret that the extraordinarily competitive contemporary art world can be an especially tough place for female artists to navigate. Artnet News asked Janice Sands to weigh in on the topic.


A Real Change For Women In Art

| Wide Walls | Written by : Angie Kordic  |

Wide Walls interviewed Janice Sands. It’s no secret, although it is quite surprising, that female artists today still have a long way to go toward a position of equality on the international arts scene.


The New York Times article on The Resurgence of Women-Only Art Shows

| The New York Times | Written by : Hilarie M. Sheets  |

Read What Executive Director Janice Sands and Other Art World Influencers Are Saying About the Resurgence of Women-Only Art Shows in The New York Times this Week.


Discover Flatiron:  Pen and Brush

| | Written by : Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership  |

In celebration of Women's History Month, the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership takes a look at Pen and Brush, the only global non-profit to offer a broader spotlight on the works of emerging women artists and writers.


5 Key Takeaways From Pen and Brush Panel on Women-Only Arts Groups

| artnet news | Written by : Eileen Kinsella  |

Last night's panel at the newly revamped, and stunning Pen and Brush gallery space in the Flatiron district focused on the question of whether women-only art galleries and organizations advance or impede the careers of women artists.