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artnet news:  Editors Picks

| Artnet News | Written by : Sarah Cascone  |

17 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World This Week

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| New York Magazine The Cut | Written by : Sarah Nechamkin  |

Graffiti meets gallery art in a new show at Pen and Brush, a New York institution dedicated to promoting female artists.


Future Is Goddess on NY1

| NY1 | Written by : Stephanie Simon  |

NY1 Reporter Stephanie Simon includes Pen + Brush's current exhibit, Future Is Goddess, in "Your Weekend Starts Now". A segment that features her top picks for great things to do in NYC.


Pen + Brush Profiled on NYC-Arts!

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NYC-Arts is re-airing our profile segment that highlighted the mission and vibrancy of Pen + Brush, with interviews featuring Executive Director Janice Sands and Pen + Brush artist Josephine Barreiro. This was a milestone moment for the organization in many ways.


3 Questions Every Creative Person Must Ask

| | Written by : Jane Friedman  |

Publishing world expert Jane Friedman provides the following thoughts on the three important questions that every creative person must ask themselves to succeed in their chosen field.