Remove Barriers That You Place In the Path to Success

| Huffington Post | Written by : Susan Mumford  |

Art world game-changer Susan Mumford provides the following thoughts on how to avoid becoming self-defeating when it comes to achieving your goals.


A Conversation With Bina Sarkar Ellias, Founder of International Gallerie

| Contributed | Written by : Janice Sands  |

Janice Sands sits down for a conversation with Bina Sarkar Ellias about her publication, her passion and her recent experiences in Poland and Taiwan.

Self-Publishing Platforms: Women’s Playground or Last Resort?

| Contributed | Written by : Janice Sands  |

Literary publishing is a notoriously cutthroat business. The industry is alarmingly subjective and there are an increasing number of books published each year, making it more difficult than ever to cut through the clutter.

Curator Spotlight:  Carey Salerno, executive editor of Alice James Books

| Contributed | Written by : Janice Sands  |

Carey shares what she has learned throughout her career in publishing and her experience as a poet and a writer. Read on for both installments of our conversation, including Carey’s thoughts on diversity, e-publishing, and challenges that exist in the industry.

Curator Spotlight:  Kate Angus, founding editor of Augury Books

| Contributed | Written by : Janice Sands  |

Kate Angus selected two of our inaugural publications. Here are some of Kate's insights into the need for publishers to support diverse voices, how the Internet has impacted the way we read, and how emerging writers can find success (hint: keep writing!).