THEM.  7 Queer Artists Who Are Changing the Game in 2018

| THEM | Written by : Zachary Small  |

Flash focuses on upsetting normalized and oppressive standards of gender, age, and race.


Time Out Loves

| Time Out  |

For more than three decades, Lola Flash's photos have challenged gender, sexual and racial norms. Nonprofit Pen + Brush hosts the first comprehensive exhibition of Flash's photos.


A Photographer Who Has Spent Decades Capturing Queer Culture

| The Cut | Written by : Carolyn Twersky  |

Lola Flash wants you to see the world the way she sees it. “As an artist, I think that’s what I’m supposed to do,” she says. “I am supposed to invite the audience to see things the way I do.”


Lola Flash’s photography immortalises queer, black New Yorkers

| Dazed Magazine | Written by : Lexi Manatakis  |

We caught up with Lola Flash ahead of her first ever 30-year retrospective at New York's Pen + Brush to discuss how photography once illuminated the height of the AIDS crisis, and how it continues as a tool of activism for queer, black communities today.


King Woman Review

| Huff Post | Written by : Isa Freeling  |

A not to be missed ode to the feminine flow of 25 artists who are diverse and complement each other well enough to say that “King Woman” takes the crown.