Time Out Loves

| Time Out  |

For more than three decades, Lola Flash's photos have challenged gender, sexual and racial norms. Nonprofit Pen + Brush hosts the first comprehensive exhibition of Flash's photos.


A Photographer Who Has Spent Decades Capturing Queer Culture

| The Cut | Written by : Carolyn Twersky  |

Lola Flash wants you to see the world the way she sees it. “As an artist, I think that’s what I’m supposed to do,” she says. “I am supposed to invite the audience to see things the way I do.”


Lola Flash’s photography immortalises queer, black New Yorkers

| Dazed Magazine | Written by : Lexi Manatakis  |

We caught up with Lola Flash ahead of her first ever 30-year retrospective at New York's Pen + Brush to discuss how photography once illuminated the height of the AIDS crisis, and how it continues as a tool of activism for queer, black communities today.


King Woman Review

| Huff Post | Written by : Isa Freeling  |

A not to be missed ode to the feminine flow of 25 artists who are diverse and complement each other well enough to say that “King Woman” takes the crown.


Breaking The Painted Ceiling

| Cultured Mag | Written by : Jessica Idarraga  |

Pen + Brush's partnership with ArtLeadHER is deeply rooted in our shared mission to provide professional female artists with a channel for acknowledgment and recognition.